Without St John, Naomi might not be here today

At a concert with her daughters, Naomi was suffering from a severe headache. She went to St John Ambulance to ask for help. Our team performed a thorough check-up and suspected Naomi actually had meningitis—which is deadly if it isn’t treated quickly.

Naomi was rushed to hospital for lifesaving treatment. But if the St John First Responder hadn’t been serving at the concert, or she didn’t have the training and experience to spot the signs of meningitis, Naomi might have died—and her children might have lost their mum.

It shows you why our team need to be fully trained and equipped to be ready for anything.

With gatherings and events starting again, the coming months are expected to be extremely busy. We urgently need your help to help recruit, train and equip heroes in green.

Please give a gift today, so St John First Responders are ready to save lives like Naomi’s—in any emergency. Thank you.

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