It costs $6,220 to provide all the equipment and training for a St John Ambulance volunteer.

$6,220 to pay for their green uniform, radio, first aid kit, defibrillator, oxygen

response kit and their intensive training. $6,220 could be the difference between

someone receiving critical first aid, and lying unattended on the ground while bystanders are frozen with panic.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, and the need for your help couldn’t be greater. Because

right now, we simply cannot afford to equip and train all the volunteers needed in our


St John Ambulance volunteers like Trudy Hanson never know when they’ll be called into action. It might be at a public event, like a school fete or a music concert, where teams of volunteers are on hand to provide critical first aid. Or it might be when they’re off duty.

“One day I was driving and I saw an accident up ahead. I pulled over, grabbed my first

aid kit and ran to the scene. There was a pedestrian hit by a car. She was bleeding from

the mouth. She couldn’t breathe. My training kicked in, and I carefully rolled her onto her side to open up her airway. If I hadn’t known what to do, she would have choked to death on her own blood.”

Trudy never lets a call for help go unanswered. She always wants to help others. That’s

one of the things that makes her and all the St John Ambulance volunteers the heroes

they are. But it’s not the only thing. It’s also their training and their equipment—knowing how to save lives, and having the kit to do it. And this costs $6,220 for each volunteer.

Please give now, to provide the equipment and training for a St John Ambulance

volunteer like Trudy, so they can be a lifesaving hero.

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“Accidents and emergencies happen every day in our state. Volunteers like me can only respond if we have all the right equipment and training. We can only save lives because of you.” —Trudy Hanson.

Last year in Victoria and New South Wales, St John Ambulance volunteers provided critical first aid to over 65,000 Australians at public events. Today, we need your help.

It costs $6,220 to equip and train each volunteer. Please give now to provide them with the equipment they need to save liveslike a specialist first aid kit, an oxygen response kit and a defibrillator.

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